Brad Conroy

Brad Conroy is a versatile guitarist, performer, educator, scholar, and music journalist.

Interview with Classical Guitar Guru Kevin Gallagher

 Over the past few decades New York guitarist Kevin Gallagher has been creating his own path in the world of classical guitar, and If you follow him on YouTube or Facebook, you'll know that he is not only a gifted performer, but also very much involved with the historical and theoretical contexts of the works that he is playing too. A world class guitarist..

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Interview with 311's Guitarist Tim Mahoney

Tim Mahoney has had the kind of career that every aspiring rock guitarist dreams of. As the lead guitarist for the popular rock band 311, Mahoney has no doubt been inspiring fans to pick up the guitar ever since their first album Music came out in 1993. There is no reason to wonder why he is such a popular player with legions of fans, or why he has a signature PRS model either...

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Staff Writer - Guitar International Magazine

      From 2009 - 2016 I was a staff writer with Guitar International where I was writing instructional lessons, interviews, as well as CD and Guitar Festival Reviews.

  I have published interviews with Christopher Parkening, Ernesto Bitetti, Berta Rojas, Judicael Perroy, Vladislav Blaha, and Tim Mahoney of the rock band 311 to name a few.

  I have decided to begin writing and publishing articles under my own name so that I can retain 100% creative control of my work.

  If you are interested in a CD review please contact me at

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